Competition law and EU law

Innovative minds don’t copy, they create! Dare to be different!

Every leader in the business world knows how to be first among equals.

The art of mastering a market sector without breaking loyalty in competitive relationships with other market players turns a developing company into a leader in its business field.

We, at Toncheva and Partners Law Firm, are ready to walk the steep path together from the creation of a small Bulgarian company to its growth into a competitive market leader.

We will support you in avoiding unfair competition, abuse of a dominant and monopolistic position on the market, entering into prohibited agreements, etc. and at the same time we will be your most faithful partner in reaching the top of your business field.

We are actively engaged in mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and corporate restructuring following recent changes in the economic landscape:

  • Legal advice and representation in relation to merger control notifications (including foreign mergers affecting Bulgarian market participants), unfair trade, abuse of dominant position and cartel agreements;
  • Legal due diligence regarding prohibited agreements, block exemptions, selective distribution and abuse of dominant position;
  • Representation during on-site inspections by the Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC);
  • Consultations on matters of unfair competition;
  • Representation before the Commission for Protection of Competition.


“For me, for my partners and colleagues, one thing always remains true about AD “Toncheva and Partners” – the feeling of security, peace of mind, that we are in the right place and will receive the right advice.”

National Board of Tourism

Dr. Polina Karastoyanova, CEO

“Toncheva and Partners JSC has the necessary expertise covering all needs.”

Association AIBEST

Nora Ishkova, CEO

“I was impressed by the depth of the legal research and the comparative analysis they did between the Bulgarian legislation and the European framework for early childhood education and care.”

Foundation for children at risk around the world

Rositsa Bogalinska-Petrova, CEO