Building and seeing what you have built is a great satisfaction.

Our lawyers have 20 years of experience in advising Bulgarian and foreign investors who implement construction projects on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Our lawyers are ready to assist all participants in the construction process. We stand on the solid foundation of our acquired experience, which gives us the confidence we have the necessary qualification to provide a product of uncompromising quality to our client’s individual requirements depending on their role in the construction chain.

You can count on us if you are a representative of a construction and investment company, with a focus on construction of modern and functional business projects or residential buildings. We are here to protect the legal interest of companies, subcontractors, in their activities in the execution of construction  works in the process of building an investor project.

Packages of services and legal solutions for the construction sector in all stages of construction process: from planning and participation in tender procedures, construction execution and commissioning to legal representation and dispute resolution:

  • Consultations on territorial planning, approval of investment projects and obtaining construction permits, appeals against individual administrative acts related to construction process;
  • Complex legal services in carrying out administrative procedures under Bulgarian law in connection with obtaining a building permit and carrying out construction works in protected areas under “Natura 2000” program;
  • Consulting in procedures under Bulgarian and international law related to the overall process of construction in territorial waters and continental shelf;
  • Registration of construction companies in the Central Professional Register of Builders (CPRB) – a necessary condition for carrying out construction activities in Bulgaria;
  • Consultations on the conclusion and execution of contracts according to the terms of FIDIC and their compliance with the specific construction and tender requirements under Bulgarian law;
  • Contracts for engineering, supply for construction (EPC contracts) and their compliance with the specifics of the Bulgarian construction law and the rules for conducting public procurement;
  • Contracts with subcontractors in accordance with the rules of the Contractual conditions for construction (the Red Book of FIDIC), the Contractual conditions for technological equipment, design and construction (the Yellow Book of FIDIC), as well as the Contractual conditions for engineering, implementation and construction “turn – key” (the Silver Book of FIDIC);
  • Design, construction and construction supervision contracts;
  • Representation in court and arbitration proceedings for the resolution of construction disputes (including negotiations, mediation, alternative dispute resolution procedures, assistance in proceedings before Dispute Resolution Boards based on the FIDIC Contract Terms).


“For me, for my partners and colleagues, one thing always remains true about AD “Toncheva and Partners” – the feeling of security, peace of mind, that we are in the right place and will receive the right advice.”

National Board of Tourism

Dr. Polina Karastoyanova, CEO

“Toncheva and Partners JSC has the necessary expertise covering all needs.”

Association AIBEST

Nora Ishkova, CEO

“I was impressed by the depth of the legal research and the comparative analysis they did between the Bulgarian legislation and the European framework for early childhood education and care.”

Foundation for children at risk around the world

Rositsa Bogalinska-Petrova, CEO