Disputes settelments

Not all disputes are settled by the sword. Victory is always where there is agreement.

When it comes to disputes, we do our best to resolve them either by using alternative dispute resolution methods , or by reaching court settlements.

Our team includes experienced litigation lawyers as well as accredited mediators. We excel at pre-litigation advice and advice on dispute avoidance.

In cases where out-of-court resolution cannot be reached, we have a long track record of successful cases, our dispute resolution specialists have the resources and expertise to represent parties in all aspects of arbitration.

Our lawyers are technically excellent with a pragmatic and commercial focus, which allows them to identify potential risks and choose the most appropriate strategy for resolving the dispute in clients’ benefit. .

We pride ourselves on our ability to perform accurate and objective preliminary assessment of the chances of success in each lawsuit. To limit potential outlays, we will provide a frank and robust assessment of the merits of your case.

Our experienced team has acted on the full spectrum of disputes, as follows

  • Commercial disputes: we guarantee protection of companies’ interest, partners and shareholders’ interest in case of breach of contracts and guarantees, disputes related to breach of contracts, corporate disputes, liability for damages inflicted through to companies’ activities, etc.;
  • Internal arbitration and international arbitration: we possess extensive experience in arbitration cases before the Arbitration Court at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the National Legal Foundation, KRIB and the International Chamber of Commerce;
  • Restructuring and insolvency: our team’s expertise covers representation of companies in all phases of insolvency proceedings under the Bulgarian Commercial Law, bankruptcy procedures, liquidation proceedings, debt and equity restructuring and refinancing, partnership disputes, distressed debt trading and exits, debt and asset recovery, insolvency protection, etc.;
  • Debt collection: we are able to achieve successful outcome of any court, warrant and execution proceedings, being supported by beneficial partnership with reliable bailiffs in all major cities;
  • Clinical negligence: we are experienced in medical negligence claims in relation to injury or loss suffered as a result of any type of treatment by doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals;
  • Administrative and regulatory compliance: we provide expert advice on appealing any type of acts and decisions of national regulation enforcement authorities, appeals against public procurement procedures and concessions, legal defense in cases of alleged regulatory breaches; . We start by identifying your obligations under the appropriate regulations and then assist with the creation of risk assessments and strategies to ensure you comply – all with the minimum interference necessary to your key business objectives
  • Tax disputes: we are experts in administrative or judicial appeals against audit acts, proceedings to suspend the implementation of audit acts, disputes under the VAT Act, the Corporate Income Tax Act;
  • Construction disputes: we excel in providing practical solutions and clear guidance in resolving construction disputes (including negotiations, mediation, arbitration, alternative dispute resolution procedures, assistance in proceedings conducted by the Dispute Resolution Commission), based on our up-to-the minute understanding of the latest changes to case law and legislation;
  • Employment disputes: we secure high- standard legal representation and defense of both employers and employees, including litigation with regards to employment claims and lawsuits;
  • Delicts: we advise on compensation claims for damages caused by insult and defamation, accidents in the workplace, acts or omissions of the state and municipal authorities, accidental damages caused by objects or animals;
  • Family and inheritance disputes: our expert team provides legal defense in domestic violence cases, divorce cases, custody cases, claims for establishing parentage and contesting parentage, child support and alimony lawsuits, judicial division of inheritance; etc.
  • Mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods: we master in securing a cost effective outcome for the clients.


“For me, for my partners and colleagues, one thing always remains true about AD “Toncheva and Partners” – the feeling of security, peace of mind, that we are in the right place and will receive the right advice.”

National Board of Tourism

Dr. Polina Karastoyanova, CEO

“Toncheva and Partners JSC has the necessary expertise covering all needs.”

Association AIBEST

Nora Ishkova, CEO

“I was impressed by the depth of the legal research and the comparative analysis they did between the Bulgarian legislation and the European framework for early childhood education and care.”

Foundation for children at risk around the world

Rositsa Bogalinska-Petrova, CEO