Public procurements, concessions, public-private partnership

We are your trusted advisors in your interaction with the state.

We provide professional assistance to contracting authorities in the analysis and preparation of documentation for separate public procurements.

We also advise participants in public tenders, including full legal assistance for registration in the specialized platform for public procurement, preparation and submission of documents, negotiation, implementation, reporting and payments.

The firm’s practice is oriented towards providing legal assistance in all phases of the complex process of concluding a public procurement contract. In this area, we provide the following services:

  • Legal assistance in all stages of the public procurement procedure;
  • Preparation of tender documentation;
  • Review of public procurement contracts;
  • Consulting companies that participate in European public procurement procedures;
  • Project management and monitoring of public procurement contracts;
  • Consulting in case of violations of the tender procedure;
  • Litigation in connection with the assigning of public procurements;
  • Comprehensive consultation of all interested parties involved in public procurements;
  • Advising business entities in the preparation of offers and all necessary documentation in accordance with the specific requirements of public procurement;
  • Appealing acts of contracting authorities before the Commission for the Protection of Competition and the Supreme Administrative Court;
  • Provision of clearly structured legal assistance during all phases of the complex process of concluding a public procurement contract;
  • Consulting in all stages of the process of execution of the public procurement contract with the state or municipalities as the contracting authority;
  • Preparation of concession analyses: legal, financial-economic, technical and environmental analysis;
  • Preparation of documentation for conducting a concession procedure: rationale for the concession, decision to open a procedure for granting a concession, announcement for conducting a procedure, concession contract, documentation for participation in the procedure and an appendixes to it;
  • Preparation of offers, documents and consulting when participating in a concession procedure;
  • Realization and legal service of other forms of public-private partnership.


“For me, for my partners and colleagues, one thing always remains true about AD “Toncheva and Partners” – the feeling of security, peace of mind, that we are in the right place and will receive the right advice.”

National Board of Tourism

Dr. Polina Karastoyanova, CEO

“Toncheva and Partners JSC has the necessary expertise covering all needs.”

Association AIBEST

Nora Ishkova, CEO

“I was impressed by the depth of the legal research and the comparative analysis they did between the Bulgarian legislation and the European framework for early childhood education and care.”

Foundation for children at risk around the world

Rositsa Bogalinska-Petrova, CEO